Is proposal completion a constant balancing act?

Are your analysts and portfolio managers being stretched thin by taking on proposals?

Are you constantly trying to dig up the most recent responses?

Are you under pressure to complete more mandates?

Do you feel like a dedicated proposal manager could give you a greater competitive advantage?

Does your budget prevent you from hiring a full-time internal resource?

By partnering with Journ, you gain access to a diversified team with the capability and expertise to support multiple functions and asset classes.

We Can Help With

Proposal Content Creation

Original proposal responses, along with organization and revision of your existing language library.

Proposal Database Management

Implementation, organization and oversight of your chosen proposal database—whether RocketDocs, RFPIO or Qvidian.

Full-Scale Proposal Solutions

Management of the RFP process from kick-off to submission, including content creation, content revision and database oversight.

Our Process

Carefully and thoroughly review requirements and sections.
Meet with internal teams to discuss best positioning.
Write initial version of proposal, integrating new content with existing language.
Read through proposal draft to assess accuracy and best positioning.
Modify content to make it compelling and consistent.
Read through final version of proposal to confirm all changes are incorporated.
Send proposal two days prior to deadline, within requirements.
Upload new content to proposal database software, and update existing content.

Ready to work with Journ?