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Sharp Proposals helps you generate value and spend more time focusing on investment activity.

By the Numbers


Portion of organizations likely to feel dissatisfied with their response rate, due to lacking an RFP owner. Rather than having portfolio managers divide their time, leave the proposal work to us—and let them focus on managing investments.


Average annual revenue generated by RFPs. Having an RFP partner doesn’t just give time back to your investment professionals—it also adds measurable value to your organization.


Portion of organizations with a dedicated RFP individual or team. Organizations with the highest win rates respond to more RFPs—and having a dedicated proposal partner increases your chances of success.


Average additional RFPs submitted by an organization with an RFP software tool, versus an organization without. We can help vet different vendors and implement the best proposal software solution.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Hiring an Internal
Proposal Writer

Annual averages in $USD thousands. Based on a senior writer salary of $100K.


Hiring an External
Proposal Partner

Annual average in $USD thousandsBased on 2 proposals per month, at a rate of $4K per proposal.

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